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(https://stratfordchef.com/event/open-kitchen-bradshaws-knife-sharpening-beginners/) (https://stratfordchef.com/event/open-kitchen-bradshaws-knife-sharpening-beginners/) (https://stratf..
BUY TICKETS HERE Learn everything the home cook needs to slice, chop and dice properly and safely at home! PLEASE NOTE - The prerequisite for this class is Knife SHARPENING For Begi..

Bradshaws Spring Open House 2018

Join us at the Bradshaws Spring Open House Sunday May 6th!

Don't miss Bradshaws annual Spring Open House!
Sunday May 6, 2018 | 11am -3pm  at Bradshaws | 129 Ontario Street, Stratford N5A 3H1


We are SO DONE with all this snow and freezing rain, and we are ready to PARTY! Join us at our Mexican Street Party themed Bradshaws Spring Open House where you will forget all about winter and embrace the new season upon us!

Our new neighbours across the street - Stratford Chefs School - will be creating delicious tacos and guacamole for you to enjoy. Try it with one of our hot sauces or salsas to give it some extra kick. Did you know that Stratford Chefs School Open Kitchen offers a wide array of cooking classes??? Check out their website to see their schedule of upcoming classes - great to do on a date night, with friends and family, for team building exercises and there are even parent/kid related classes. 

* SCS is hosting a Mexican themed cooking class on Saturday May 5th, 10am-1pm. Tickets for this are available here.

Stratford Chef School - Delicious Tacos and Guacamole!

Who does't LOVE chips, salsa and guacamole??? So fresh and easy to prepare, it's a healthy snacking idea when you're entertaining guests. We'll have a crazy Nacho Station set up featuring our favourites from Stonewall Kitchen for you to try... Black Bean Salsa, Corn Relish, Mango Lime Salsa and Queso Sauce will be served with crispy Xochitl tortilla chips and homemade guacamole!

Stonewall Kitchen Salsas, Queso Sauces, dips and more!

Leave it to the Canadian design team at UMBRA to figure out some seriously stylish ways to add succulents into your home decor. Umbra's Trigg concrete wall vessels or their tabletop versions made of porcelain are a fun way to pop some low maintenance greenery into your home. We love the idea of plants that require little love but give big happiness every time you walk by (and ignore) them! 

At our Bradshaws Open House, when you purchase your own vessels from Bradshaws to take home, we'll provide the succulents for you to plant in our store, and you get to go home with a stunning vessel ready to add some greenery to your home décor!

Bring Succulents into your home décor!

It simply wouldn't be a fun foodie event at Bradshaws without the lovely Tracey Pritchard of Perfect Pastry here in Stratford... Tracey will be here creating tasty Apple Empanadas using her puff pastry served with Stonewall Kitchen Dulce de Leche sauce! She'll also have a special Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for you to purchase at our event. And if you don't already know, we have a freezer stocked with frozen Perfect Pastry shortcrust, cookie doughs and puff pastry so you can stop in and pick some up whenever you need it! Just ask one of our staff to get some for you.  More on that here...

Perfect Pastry - Stratford

We are very excited to have Cocktail Specialist (and our friend) Charlotte Crawford making a guest appearance at Bradshaws to impart her knowledge about crafting delicious cocktails with you. You might recognize her from her position as former manager of Pazzo Taverna, but she has since relocated to Toronto where she gained experience working in top cocktail bars such as (one of our personal favourites) Bar Raval and consulted on the opening of the bars at ultra chic The Broadview Hotel and is currently bartending at The Cloak in Toronto. Her experience from attending the European Bartending School in Barcelona informs her feeling that cocktail creation is about discovering what goes into the making of a bottle and using what surrounds you to enhance those flavours to create a delicious experience for you and your guests.

Charlotte will be teaming up with Stratford's Junction 56 Distillery and The Farm Juice Co. to give you amazing tips for crafting unique and delicious cocktails to wow your friends with! She'll also show you what her favourite cocktailing tools are and why you might want them in your bar at home!

The Farm Juice Co. and Junction 56 Distillery - Stratford
And, since we are on the topic of cocktails...
Introducing 1pt Infusion Blends for Alcohol & Spirits...  the next big thing in the world of artisanal spirits. Use their herbal blends to infuse your choice of spirits to create some seriously unique cocktail options! Charlotte will explain how you can infuse your own spirits at home using this amazing Canadian brand! ~ new at Bradshaws!

1pt Infusion Blends for Alcohol and Spirits

Also new at Bradshaws...
Welcome Aarke! This is the world’s first sparkling water maker designed with a complete stainless steel enclosure. Forget the plasticky soda makers of the past. This machine will look beautiful for years to come on your kitchen counter. We love it's compact, sleek design, handle that you easily push down on, fancy chrome or matte black finishes and the fact that it uses SodaStream CO2 canisters to create sparking water! Check it out while you're at our Spring Open House!

Aarke Sparkling Water Maker - Now at Bradshaws!

Ever get stuck on birthday party themes? Worry no more... we are pleased to have Meri Meri at Bradshaws! Rainbows, unicorns, fairies, doggies and CACTI are about to make a big splash in our Kids & Baby department! This whimsical brand from Los Angeles is going to put an end to you stressing about how to make your kids' party THE BEST! Best parent EVER status is coming your way. And... not just for kids either. Lots of fun themes will work for adult themed parties as well.

Meri Meri at Bradshaws

As always, receive a FREE GIFT with your purchase with an added gift for purchases over $50. This year we're giving away some mini potted (faux) succulents and some cactus inspired napkins!
FREE GIFT with your purchase!

And with your purchase you'll get a ballot to ENTER TO WIN incredible door prizes like this stunning Oval Covered Baker from Le Creuset in the new colour release, BLUEBERRY!

Le Creuset Oval Covered Baker in Blueberry

Other prizes we'll be drawing for:
• A variety of Le Creuset items in Blueberry, their newest colour!
• The Farm Juice Co. Gift Certificate for fresh juices
• Umbra Trigg Wall Vessels
• Stonewall Kitchen Gourmet Gift Pack
• Stratford Chef School Open Kitchen Gift Card for 2 free tickets to any Open Kitchen Cooking Class!
• Gift from Junction 56 Distillery

More details to follow!!! Stay tuned. And be sure to follow us @Bradshaws1895 on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates and arrivals!

FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE* While quantities last, one per purchase. Purchases over $50 will qualify for a bonus gift from Lampe Berger!