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Sloane Tea is BACK!

Sloane Fine Tea products are back in stock at Bradshaws with new, prettier than ever packaging, amazing signature blended flavours and unique recipe ideas!

Sloane Tea is 100% blended & packaged in Toronto in small batches
Photo www.sloanetea.com 

We LOVE luxury tea brand Sloane Fine Tea and want to tell you why! First of all, it's Canadian. Founded by Hoda Paripoush, who emigrated with her family to Canada in 1984, Sloane Tea is 100% blended and packaged in Toronto. Paripoush has traveled all over the world, immersing herself in the culture of tea and building relationships with tea farmers, developing what she calls "crop to cup". In other words, Sloane tea buys directly from the producer, gaining access to the season's best crop and freshest ingredients in order to deliver a premium product to its customers. In fact, there are several estates that Sloane Tea has exclusive North American access to!

Jungpana Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India
Jungpana Tea Estate, Darjeeling India. Photo www.sloanetea.com

Hoda Paripoush, founder Sloane Tea Merchants
Photo by Brogan McNab for www.theseptember.com

Hoda became one of North America's fist certified tea sommeliers and was the first to receive accreditation from both American and Canadian tea associations. She also has a background in perfumery and studied in Grasse, France at the Studio Des Fragrances. Sloane Tea was her destiny. Today, Sloane's artisan blended and scented teas are hand blended in small batches by a team of certified tea sommeliers and culinary experts. We bet you haven't tasted tea like this before, there is a perfect blend for everyone and every occasion, from the Signature Black , a perfect Assam breakfast tea to Ginger Twist, an herbal blend of soothing lemongrass, mint, ginger and real fruit.

Sloane uses only the freshest ingredients in all its premium blended teas. 
Photo www.sloanetea.com

"What started out as a personal journey has transformed into a calling - one where I am constantly inspired to create, improve and innovate. It is a challenge that I will continue to rise to and one that I am truly thankful for. Our family of tea farmers is our strength and we consider Sloane a platform where we give voice to the story of each tea."    - Hoda Paripoush

Use Sloane Heavenly Cream to make the perfect tea latte!
Photo www.sloanetea.com

Sloane Tea was an instant hit when we first carried it at Bradshaws and we are so excited to have it back in stock. The packaging is stunning and the tea itself is pure luxury. Reuse the beautiful tin tea caddies for storage, flowers, and anything else! We are currently stocking the beloved Heavenly Cream, a blend of black Ceylon black tea with bergamot and vanilla; Blood Orange Oolong, Signature Black Assam, Rouge Provence Rooibos, Tropical Green, Jasmine Pink Lemonade and Ginger Twist Tisane. It is a perfect gift for Mother's, daughters, friends and any tea aficionado. 

The Perfect Tea Latte | Sloane Tea Recipes
Photo www.sloanetea.com

If you want to know how to make the PERFECT tea latte at home (and you do) Sloane Tea spells it out on their website here. There are many more creative recipes there too like Persian Palace Tea Infused Cupcakes, Heavenly Cream Infused Shortbread, tea cocktails, iced tea and more! So grab your friends and share a cup of tea (or a fancy tea infused cupcake if you really want to impress them) because there is almost nothing lovelier.

And if you still don't believe us, make sure you come to our annual Spring Open House on May 1 for a tasting of Sloane Tea!