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Appetite for Words | Author Spotlight - Alice Zorn

Bradshaws is a proud supporter of the Appetite for Words - A Literary Festival with a Culinary Twist being held in Stratford , Ontario October 27-29th, 2017. Appetite for Words revolves around storytelling and is created for the enthusiastic and curious — anyone interested in reading, discussing and consuming food (that’s you, right?)

The festival features authors who have written about food, as well as fiction writers who allow food to become a strong component of scenes and/or the characters in their novels. Authors will work with select Chefs from The Stratford Chef School to create a culinary experience that is inspired from their book.

Five Roses, Alice Zorn


Saturday October 28, 2017
Doors Open @ 6pm, Dinner and Discussion @ 6:30pm
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In Alice Zorn’s novel Five Roses, she writes about two of her characters working in an upscale patisserie in Montreal’s Pointe St Charles neighbourhood. An engrossing story of the complicated relationships and histories between four very different women. Zorn explores the gentrification of the Pointe St Charles neighbourhood as a backdrop to the turmoil—and, ultimately, growth—affecting her main characters.

While Alice was never formally trained as a pastry chef, she did grow up baking and in the early 1980s, when she was a student in Toronto and needed a part-time job, she made desserts for a couple of restaurants. However, Alice herself doesn’t have a sweet tooth, so when we asked her what her favourite kitchen items were here is her reply...

‘My favourite kitchen items aren’t cake pans and mixers. You’re more likely to see me chopping a habanero than whipping egg whites and sugar. To that end, an excellent knife and cutting board are cannot-do-without tools in my kitchen. For knives, I like the Japanese brand Global because they’re lightweight and the construction is smooth. There’s no break between the handle and the blade.

Global Knives

I have several cutting boards, but my favourite has an end grain or cross cut surface. It’s made like a butcher’s block only it’s portable. Cross cut wood is harder and makes a better chopping surface. It’s worth the expense. 

End Grain Cherry Wood Cutting Board | Once Upon Tree

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I don’t use my food processor for everyday chopping because I don’t mind doing that by hand. But a processor is indispensable for grinding nuts, for pureeing, to make frozen fruit yogurt—a favourite summer treat!—and for pesto. I plant lots of basil and in the summer spend one full, happy day making our year’s supply of pesto. 

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I eat salads almost daily and usually make a simple olive oil, wine vinegar and mustard vinaigrette. For that, I have a tiny silicone whisk. Once I made lemon curd with a stainless steel whisk and it had a faint metallic taste. I converted to silicone whisks and have never looked back.  

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One last little favourite tool? A lemon or lime zester for making long, evenly slender curls of peel I either chop for added zing or use as a garnish.

Menu items such as cretons and pouding chomeur have become trendy in an area of the city where they were once a necessity, but have nevertheless been staples for well over a century.

Zwilling Henkels Citrus Zester
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Join Alice Zorn for a literary dinner that pays homage to the culinary history of working-class Montreal and Quebec with the following menu:

Smoked and steamed salmon rillettes, with celeriac, apple and baguette

Pea soup "aux habitants"

Tourtière, with red pepper chutney and roasted Brussels sprouts

Pouding Chômeur, with spiced ice milk

Wine Pairings Included

Saturday October 28, 2017

Doors Open @ 6pm, Dinner and Discussion begins @ 6:30pm

Stratford Chefs School

136 Ontario St, Stratford, on
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