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Our Favourite Eco Friendly Products for Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day we wanted to share our favourite earth friendly products from Bradshaws. Everyday should really be Earth Day but sometimes we all need a little reminder and some help from our favourite earth-friendly lines at Bradshaws...

Bee's Wrap

1. Bee's Wrap: If you haven't heard of this product yet, you need to know about it because it is amazing! Stop using plastic wrap, baggies, etc and use Bee's Wrap to keep food fresh, cover leftovers or wrap a sandwich! It's sustainable AND re-usable! Bee's Wrap is a Green America-certified business which means that they are committed to using their business as a vehicle for social change, and to bettering the lives of their customers, employees, community and planet. Read more about Bee's Wrap in our Get Healthy Guideor in our Bee's Wrap Product Feature Blog.

LSA International Mia Recycled Glassware

2. LSA Recycled Glassware: The MIA collection is mouth-blown from 100% recycled glass made of discarded bottles, it is also super stylish. Perfect for summer patio parties or everyday. It is also packaged in recycled card printed with organic inks so the whole package is also recyclable. LSA International celebrates their 50th anniversary in the glassware industry this year and remains a family-run business! 

OXO Good Grips Green Saver
3. OXO Good Grips Green Saver System: We are so excited about this new line from OXO - these unique storage containers are designed with a carbon filtration system which traps and absorbs gases from produce so it stays fresher longer and you have less waste! We'll be featuring Green Savers at our Bradshaws Spring Open House on May 1st so come by to see what the fuss is all about!

Jude's Miracle Cloth
4. Jude's Miracle Cloth: Everyone loves this item! This micro fibre cloth cleans windows and glass perfectly streak-free WITHOUT the use of chemicals, glass cleaner, or paper towels. Simply get the cloth damp and shine away. They are also a Canadian company and donate a portion of proceeds to Friends of the Earth Canada.

Epicurean Cutting Board - Recycled Poly

5. Epicurean Recycled Cutting Boards: Epicurean, known for their eco-friendly wood fibre productsnow has a new plastic cutting board made from 100% recycled milk jugs. Knife-friendly and dishwasher safe, made in the USA and also recyclable itself when its useful life is over.

Full Circle Compost Collector

6. Full Circle Compost Collector. We know, composting can be a drag but not with the Fresh Air Compost Collector.  The patented designs lets air flow through for less odour and flies. Its made from BPA free, recycled plastic so it's safe for your home and your garden and it comes with 5 compostable bags. Full Circle is a Certified B Corporation. Find some simple, all-natural cleaning recipes from Full Circle here!


7. Sodastream Sparking Water Maker: The new Sodastream Play is the easiest and most economical sparking water maker yet. When you make your own sparking water and carbonated beverages at home you waste less, consume less packaging AND save money!

Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my incredible brother Jason. Today is his birthday!!! Hope he is having a beautiful day, and you as well!