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FINAL DAYS of the Bradshaws January Sale!

Bradshaw January Sale Staff Picks | Part 3

This is the LAST WEEK of the Bradshaws January Sale, so don't miss out! From now until Sunday, take an EXTRA 10% Off ALL SALE MERCHANDISE! That means you can save up to 85% Off! Keep reading to see what the Bradshaws staff has picked out as their favourite January Sale items of 2016.

Meet Heather!
Heather has been on the Bradshaws team for 8 years and is one of our Bridal Registry Specialists as well as a Pandora Specialist.

Heather's Pick is this stunning turquoise statement vase from home decor brand Torre & Tagus. Regular price $60, on sale for $30! It is perfect for making a dramatic statement in the foyer or place it in the corner of your living room for an unexpected pop of colour. Wouldn't it be gorgeous with a bunch of pussy willows in it right now?!

Read this
helpful post from one of our favourite blogs, Apartment Therapy on how to force branches to bloom indoors. The Torre & Tegas vase would be perfect!

Meet Kelly!
Kelly has been part of the Bradshaws team for almost 27 years! She is our dinnerware expert, a Bridal Registry Specialist, and more recently, a Pandora Specialist. Kelly loves helping new couples put together wedding registries. Kelly also has facial recognition powers, she never forgets a face!

Kelly's Pick is this unique, glass pendant light fixture, also from Torre & Tagus. Regular price is $150, on sale for $50! It would make a great statement fixture, especially for the kitchen. Wouldn't it look great hanging above an island?!

Meet Beth!
Beth has been part of the Bradshaws team for 3 years and is one of our Kitchen Details experts. She especially loves helping Stratford Chef School students find the best tools of the trade when they need them.

Beth's Pick is the Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Four Star II Starter Set. It is an amazing deal at $165 (regular price is $330) for such high quality, professional knives. This set includes the 8" chef's knife, 5" serrated utility knife and 4" paring knife. Made in Germany.

So, YES... You can save an EXTRA 10% off the above mentioned items until 5pm on Sunday January 31st, and save on all of our Sale Merchandise right now at Bradshaws... Happy Shopping!

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