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Knife sharpening skills
When you purchase a high quality knife from the Kitchen Department at Bradshaws, you are purchasing an impeccable blade that will truly last a lifetime - AS LONG AS you take the time to care for it properly!

We are proud to carry the most sought after knife brands in the world such as Zwilling Henckels, Wüsthof, Global, Miyabi, Mac Knife and more. These companies carefully craft their knives with unbelievable precision and technology. Our job is to get that knife into your hands with the proper knowledge so you are able to care for your knives and make them an integral part of your cooking experience!  
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Think INSIDE the lunchbox!

Have you met Sara yet? She is a great friend of ours who is a Holistic Nutritionist, Blogger, Mom and total health nut. She's here to sort out your Lunchbox stresses to make Back to School a little healthier and FUN! 
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Our Favourite Canadian Gourmet Food Items
We've got some incredible Canadian Gourmet Foods at Bradshaws in our Kitchen Detail Department... Here are some fantastic brands for you to explore when you're mixing cocktails, serving appetizers, barbecuing and giving unique and purposeful Canadian gifts!  
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Don't be dry and dull... Care for your wood utensils and blocks at home!

You don't know how many times have I been to peoples houses and noticed how DRY and PARCHED their cutting boards or wood utensils are! For a person who owns a kitchen shop, it just makes me CRAZY because it is SO easy to keep you wood moisturized and happy. Today I am inspired to share some quick and easy info that will help rejuvenate all of your wood at home in less than 10 minutes!  
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This was our first year hosting the Bradshaws Kitchen Classroom at Savour Stratford... We organized 4 fun and informative seminars on coffee, knife sharpening, cooking with ceramics and wine. We were thrilled to have many interested people in attendance, as well as some notable journalists, and incredible presenters. Some highlights for us: learning about coffee with Barista/Owner Anne Campion of Revel Caffe, watching Emily Richards braise rabbit in Emile Henry Flame ceramics, hands-on knife sharpening with VP David Hale of Zwilling J.A. Henckels, and tasting 4 Tawse Winery wines with Wayne Bentley of Riedel.   
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