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Thanksgiving Turkey Inspiration

Bradshaws is here to help you make your Thanksgiving a little easier! Get inspired to BRINE your turkey to make it succulent, flavourful and delicious. Follow our tips to reach Turkey nirvana...


Gone are the days when dry Holiday Turkey is a given. By soaking your turkey overnight (or longer if you like) in a brine mixture you decrease the amount of total moisture loss by 30-40%.

Create a brine for your turkey!

Here is what you’ll need to brine your turkey.

Large bucket, stock pot or plastic bin or bag that will submerge your turkey in the brine

Brine Mixture
6 litres of water
180 grams of kosher salt
180 grams sugar
24 grams black peppercorns
24 pieces whole cloves
6 cinnamon sticks
12 pieces star anise
6 sprigs fresh rosemary
18 sprigs fresh thyme

Add the dry brining ingredients to a pot of the water and bring to a boil to dissolve the salt and sugar and to intermingle the lovely flavours and aromatics. Then, simply pour this mixture over 3 kilos of ice (in your bucket or vessel of choice) to cool it down. You DO NOT want to add the turkey to hot or warm brine as this will poach it - and nobody wants that! Add the turkey to the brine once all the ice has melted and the water is cool, make sure to completely submerge the turkey and store in the fridge for a minimum of 24hrs.

If you are having all your in-laws over for Thanksgiving and are getting a large turkey, you may not have room in your fridge for a pail – you may need to cozy up to your butcher or friendly restaurant owner and ask if they would mind if you stored your ‘turkey in a bucket’ in their walk-in fridge.

After brining your bird, take the turkey out of the brine and dry the skin well using paper towel. Then leave UNCOVERED in the fridge to dry for 1 full day. This exposes the brined bird to air to dry out the skin which will help to achieve a nice crispy exterior.

There Garlic Box Lemon Garlic and Rosemary Poultry Rub


Another way to season your turkey is with a dry rub, like our The Garlic Box’s Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary Poultry Rub. Here’s what we recommend. Place butter pieces under the skin of the entire turkey. Rub remaining butter pieces on the outside of the skin and season all over with our dry poultry rub. Place turkey on a silicone laurel inside roasting pan. This way the heat circulation is more even and the bottom of your turkey won’t burn and the drippings will be cleaner. Baste the turkey every 30 minutes while roasting.

Moss Berry Farm Cranberry Mango Chutney


Don't forget to stock up on Moss Berry Farm Cranberry Mango Chutney! This incredible product, made right here in Stratford, Ontario, is the KEY to intermingling all those delicious Thanksgiving flavours of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Left over turkey sandwiches are absolutely AMAZING with this preserve, and serving appetizers like baked brie or a cheese board with some of this chutney on the side really makes it!

For more info on trussing, brining, carving and making your own cranberry sauce, see our Thanksgiving Turkey Takedown Re-Cap with Chef Ryan O'Donnell of Mercer Hall!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
~ From the Bradshaws Team

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